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Extended Warranty Program

Whereas most warranty programs for cabin safety equipment rarely extend beyond 36 months or three to five years from date of manufacture, CAPS Aviation has you covered well beyond the basic factory programs. For your peace of mind and budgeting assistance, we are pleased to offer you this extended coverage. There is no additional cost to you, and this could potentially save you thousands of dollars of your maintenance budget.

Program Details

Purchase any factory new, or CAPS certified corporate, or commercial life raft from CAPS Aviation, and we will warranty the major components - inflatable, inflation system and emergency locator beacon (if applicable), for a period of 10 years from date of manufacture.

Terms and Conditions

  1. At time of purchase, the customer must have a current and active CAPS account in good standing with an appropriate credit limit.
  2. Purchase must be made directly through CAPS Aviation, and items must either be in factory new condition or have our FAA CRS certification.
  3. All items must be returned to our FAA Certified Repair Station in Van Nuys, CA for all inspections and only within a window of one month prior to one month after the next inspection due date. No exceptions will be made.
  4. Items must not have passed 10 years of age +/- one month of continued service and maintenance. No exceptions will be made.
  5. CAPS Extended Warranty Program tag, where provided, must remain attached to the raft. This may include RFID labeling.
  6. Warranty is transferrable to new owner, and when transferred to a new aircraft, warranty is also transferred provided change of aircraft registration or serial number is noted.

Items Not Covered

Normal, routine labor, repairs to other than the inflatable, or any parts other than the inflatable, inflation system, or emergency beacon. EXAMPLES: ELT batteries, inflation system overhaul and pressure testing, osmosis pumps, product improvements, Service Bulletins or Airworthiness Directives, etc. Warranty is VOID if, at CAPS discretion, the item or items are deemed mishandled, shipped incorrectly or inadequately or otherwise damaged by owner, owner’s representative, or 3rd party individual, carrier or courier, or returned for service without proper CAPS Extended Warranty Program identification.

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