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Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

Posted on: September 12, 2018   Filed under: News
Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

At CAPS Aviation, we are dedicated to providing only world-class customer service to all of our clients. Whether we are servicing equipment, shipping products, calibrating precision tools, or providing training, our end goal is always to make your interaction with us as smooth and efficient as possible - letting you focus on YOUR business!

Recently, we shipped a life raft from our CAPS Aviation facility in California to a client in Nebraska. On Wednesday morning we were contacted by FedEx to inform us that the life raft had deployed while in transit. This is an extremely unusual circumstance. The proper servicing, packing, and storage of a life raft is crucial to ensure its usability, so this was not an item that FedEx could be expected to repackage and deliver on their own.

Within an hour, CAPS Aviation Repair Station Manager Fredy Aldana had a flight booked to the FedEx hub to handle the situation personally. By Thursday morning he was hard at work preparing the raft for shipment back to our location for re-inspection. Aldana then hand delivered the remaining items of the client’s order to their facility in Nebraska, to ensure there were no further issues.

The client was ecstatic with our level of ownership over the problem. They remarked that with other vendors they were often left to problem solve on their own. They were so grateful that we had taken the initiative to not only fix the problem, but see the delivery all the way through to the end.

We were happy to provide this level of customer service to our client, and promise to do the same for you!

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