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AHA Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED

Our aviation-specific training will help prepare pilots and flight attendants to become more confident responders, able to recognize the need for, and proper administration of basic first aid and CPR, even aboard an aircraft; handy when you are 2 hours away from medical help! Classes are taught by aviation professionals and are based on the latest national standards, OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens standard 1919.1030, DOT and American Heart Association protocols.

The course is geared to the flight environment, emphasizing the constraints of administering first aid on board business aircraft. The course includes the medical application and use of an on-board AED, emergency first aid equipment and oxygen systems. During CAPS’ training, students spend nearly an hour aboard our in-house Gulfstream II cabin to learn the specific challenges of corporate aviation.

This course contains vital information on saving adults, children and infants through First Aid and CPR, utilizing multiple training aids, practical application segments and completion thorough a test of accreditation. You will find this course engaging and relevant, even outside of the aviation realm.

The cost for the training is $195, which includes a delicious Stevie’s Aviation Catering lunch (a $40 value!) and a 2 year AHA Certification card.

To schedule this course, please contact us directly at (818) 997-0512.

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