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Aviation Focused Close Quarters Defense (CQD)

Close Quarters Defense® — CQD is the foremost system of personal and team development, performance, and defense. CQD® training creates more dynamic and complete individuals and teams, those capable of making the right decisions and actions under the most stressful conditions. Our special, proprietary training method, forging of skill and validation process empowers appropriate response and delivers positive results. For over 30 years CQD has provided our nation’s most elite military operators, law enforcement, government agencies and civilians alike the necessary skills and tools and serve and thrive in high risk environments. CQD provides the students with the specialized skills needed to respond appropriately to all situations employing proven and justifiable methods and tactics. These same essential elements are now offered to leaders and organizations so they, too, have the Critical Edge™—in business and life.

Aviation Focused CQD Training (Pilots and Flight Crews)

  • Skills training in situational awareness, personal protection, and communication. Emphasis is placed on avoidance, de-escalation, defense of self or others when necessary, as well as mental strategies to stay aware and alert in dynamic and changing environments.

  • The Validation Process puts individuals and/or groups through multiple scenarios that test the processes learned in training. Moreover, the validation incorporates stress inoculation utilizing professionally trained Tactical Role Players.

  • Real-World Practicality and Implementation that’s tailored to the needs of the aviation community i.e. pilots and flight crew.

Day 1: Direct Defense Skills

Training encompasses direct methods of personal protection appropriate for the home, work place, open environments and travel. Students learn to be aware of their surroundings and to recognize trouble and avoid whenever possible and defend against physical harm when necessary.

Duration: 7 Hours
Pricing: $750

Day 2: ISO-TAC

An Individual or Team Performance Evaluation exercise that creates situations in which the student will utilize their CQD skills in realistic conditions. The Iso-Tac scenarios are customized for each team and/or student allowing them to develop the capability and confidence to manage and control challenging situations professionally and personally.

Duration: 4 hours
Day 1 & 2: $1150.00
Day 2 only: $550 Add-On (Must complete Day 1)

6 person minimum class size. Classes over 12 are subject to increased charges.

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