As a leading provider to the world-wide business aviation community, we are committed to delivering fair and competitively-priced products and services with constant and consistent world-class customer service. We accomplish this through a daily commitment of building dynamic and enduring partnerships with our clients and fellow employees and associates, while upholding the highest standards of integrity, service and innovation.


Corporate Air Parts, Inc. was founded by Neil Looy in 1983. Neil’s passion for the aviation industry was sparked after spending weekends watching planes take off and land at the Van Nuys Airport with his Father. This spark of intrigue eventually led to 6-years of service in the United States Air Force as an F4 pilot. After his tour of duty, Neil worked for World Airways, flying DC-10’s. He later accepted a position as a pilot with the famous 1970’s & 80’s film producer Glen Larson (Magnum P.I. / Fall Guy), holding multiple aircraft type-ratings and developing an interest in the film industry.

Corporate Air Parts began by providing aircraft parts and services to the business aircraft community, specializing in the support of the famous Jetstar aircraft. Our first and utmost focus has always been an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and customer service. With both civilian and military backgrounds in aviation, our leadership and staff comprise an overall aviation experience rarely equaled in the industry. This experience has served us well, and has also been a tremendous asset to all of our clients.

By focusing strictly on the business jet community, we have expanded our services well beyond the sales of products to include FAA Repair Station services, tool calibration, CAPS Flight Crew Training, also providing logistical support throughout the globe. We are number-one in the industry for aftermarket support of survival and life support products and services. The company was re-branded as CAPS Aviation in January 2017, to better represent the various ways in which we provide services to the industry.

In early 2017, Neil passed away. His Daughter Jennifer, who had been working alongside her father for over 14 years, would become the new CEO and President. Her leadership traits have proven to be a positive and resounding influence on the company’s 20+ employees with a daily ‘can do, will do’ attitude.

CAPS Aviation is housed in a 15,000 square foot facility on Densmore Avenue, adjacent to the Van Nuys Airport, with a freshly renovated classroom, updated front offices, and expanded tool calibration laboratory. Call us, come visit and join us on this bright horizon! Let us know how we can take you and your business to new and higher altitudes.


I have attended some of the other training vendors classes on cabin safety in the past and I can say that the training I received at Corporate Air Parts was outstanding! The presentation from Tim was excellent, the hands-on portion of the training was very good. The information that was shared was well worth the travel to the class. I will look forward to coming again for a refresher.
David Graham, Captain BD-700, TempusJets
Tim was wonderful! He made the two days very enjoyable and is an excellent and very thorough instructor. I was impressed with the standard of training, having completed many similar courses, the quality of your training course was outstanding. For example, actually setting off flares and putting on a working smoke hood were firsts for me. I now feel very confident in my ability going forward with my position as a Flight Attendant.
Suzie Crowder, Contract, Flight Attendant
The classes were excellent. It had been years since I'd had a CPR course, so that was definitely needed. I've worked at FSI teaching for several years, and I've taken many aviation-related courses. Yours on Wednesday was pretty much the best ever. You packed twice the material I thought possible into an eight hour class. You kept it professional AND made it fun. I learned a lot and will be taking I look at how we may do things better on our jet because of this course. I made a note to look into the Wilderness First Responders Course. That looks like a very rewarding experience, and a ton of fun! It was very nice meeting you. Thanks again!
Gary C.
Thanks for a great course. It was very well presented. Tim does an outstanding job of presenting a lot of material, including many surprising gems. He maintains a very upbeat atmosphere at all times and keeps things interesting. The course provides usable information, fulfills a training requirement, is thought-provoking and enhances awareness. Absent are any nickel and dime aspects - that you provide free - breakfast and lunch, immediate paperwork, free parking and towels at the hotel, free beverages, are all small things which make a big difference.
John, Challenger 605/604 Contract Pilot
My first time at CAPS 135.331 training. I was very impressed and satisfied with the quality of the course. Tim Kneeland is an excellent instructor!
Totally met my expectations & then some! Amazing training! Learned a ton!
Deb couldn’t be more awesome. She is incredibly talented and knowledgeable, one of the most personable women in aviation I’ve met in my 17-year career in this industry. Absolute best!
Very helpful course. Everything was very well explained and clear. I really felt prepared after. Great teacher and lesson. The course was very informative overall, a very good class... LOVED the instructor! Deborah was amazing, very hands on and never boring.
Thank you for your diligence... It is that level of customer service that earned our business a few months ago and we couldn’t be happier with the relationship.
Philip Rhodes, Senior Operations Manager, Dassault Aircraft Services
It was awesome to get to meet you and your team. It was a very refreshing experience! I was blown away at y’all’s awesome customer service!
James Beasley, Director of Maintenance, Netflix
The Cabin Services class took me from being completely fresh and very anxious to feeling confident in skills and ability. From booking the courses to instructors and assistants, [they] made this a very easy and enjoyable experience!
Dylan Fetzer, Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Deb is very thorough, has a ton of expertise and knowledge. So excited to get up in the air and use my training! This course exceeded my expectations, Deb is incredible!
Caz Marie Norwich, Vista
Thanks for getting our tools done last week. You can tell you guys spent time on them because they even look clean. Thanks again.
Ricardo L. Rotorcraft Support
This class was so useful. Deborah Went Above and beyond to teach me. She was so sweet and really knowledgeable. The course was worth every penny.
Esmeralda Rios
Met all my expectations! Deborah is hands down the best teacher I have ever encountered in my life. She made it easy to learn. Wow, amazing
Erin Lear

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