Gulfstream 550 Evacuation Crewmember Training


Since its introduction in 2002, over 500 Gulfstream G550 aircraft have been sold. During the certification process, the FAA asked Gulfstream to increase the size of their typical over-wing emergency elliptical exits. As an alternative, Gulfstream proposed to allow them to continue using the same elliptical windows in exchange for requiring their owners to have a trained “evacuation crewmember” on every flight with 10 or more passengers, regardless of the type of flight, and provide a passenger briefing. This suggestion was approved by the FAA.

Training Required

The evacuation crewmember must be trained to prepare people for an emergency evacuation through all aircraft exits, including the overwing elliptical exits. Instruction on reseating passengers for a more efficient evacuation and the use of alternative exits when a person can’t use the overwing exit. The evacuation crewmember doesn’t have to perform any other “flight attendant” type activities. The flight deck crew can’t perform this function.

Training Frequency

G550 Evacuation Training is an annual requirement to maintain currency. However, the recurrent training has fewer hands-on requirements, but must include a review of the Initial Training content along with a written examination. Opening and exiting through the G550 overwing exit is only required every 24 months.

Course Content & Flow

This four hour course includes academic sessions and hands-on activities including: Gulfstream’s suggested topics; crew resource management; authority of the pilot in command; aircraft safety equipment; passenger briefings and brace positions; positioning passengers for an expedited evacuation; using the buddy system; alternate exit choices; securing and removing the liferaft; initiating an evacuation; opening and exiting through the elliptical exits; and swimming the mooring line to the liferaft or safely clearing the aircraft if evacuating on land.


This course is ideal for owners, mechanics, frequent flyers and family members to help prepare them for an unexpected, emergency aircraft evacuation.

Fees & Location

The course is offered on demand and costs $275 per person, with a minimum fee of $1100 per class for up to four people. With classes larger than eight or more we usually run two sessions. The course is offered at CAPS facility in Van Nuys, CA.

CAPS 135.331 Emergency Crewmember Training

Evacuation crewmember training does not replace the annual required 135.331 training for professional flight deck and cabin services personnel. However, a “flight attendant” who attends CAPS 135.331 weekly Emergency Crewmember Training course is qualified to perform the G550 Evacuation Crewmember function as well.

To schedule this course, please contact us directly at (818) 997-0512.

Cancellation Policy

  • Contract / credit card clients must pay 7 business days prior to class.
  • Students may reschedule or cancel reservations, without penalty, only if notice is given 72 hours before the scheduled training.
  • Students who reschedule between 72 and 48 hours prior to class will be responsible for 50% of the class fees.
  • Students who reschedule or cancel less than 48 hours before the course and no call/no shows will be responsible for payment in full.

Please call CAPS Aviation 818-997-0512 or email if you need to reschedule in order to prevent any cancellation fees.



COVID-19 & Cancellation Policy

  • Students who are experiencing the following symptoms will not be permitted to take the course (Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, sneezing, etc.
  • Due to current regulations, students will not be required to wear masks however they are strongly encouraged.
  • If students need any reasonable accommodations, it is their responsibility to inform CAPS Aviation seven (7) business days prior to the course.

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