CAPS Aviation prides itself on delivering the highest quality training possible, designed to meet the needs and requirements of pilots and aircrews in both corporate and general aviation. We work hard to continually improve each course to keep it relevant, up-to- date, fast-paced and interesting to all students, whether it be initial or recurrent attendance. All CAPS training courses are competitively priced and presented with as much interactive, hands-on training as possible. Above all, we guarantee you will find CAPS to be the best value for your training dollar, anywhere.

The CAPS’ Flight Attendant/Cabin Attendant In-flight Service Program trains industry professionals in all aspects of inflight service for both domestic and international flights. Our comprehensive program, taught by the very best, is geared to educate the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. In our one-day training program we provide a…
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Since beginning our training programs in 1990, CAPS Aviation continues to serve the business aviation community by creating and delivering required annual aircrew FAR 135.331 training. Our professional instructors have developed a unique curriculum and teaching experience providing hundreds of courses to thousands of pilots, flight attendants, aircraft owners and frequent…
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This training is required for all crewmembers on each aircraft type, model, and configuration, each crewmember, and each kind of operation conducted, as appropriate for each crewmember and the certificate holder. (FAR 135.331(a). Emergency training is subdivided into three (3) groups: 1). General Emergency Training, 2). Emergency Situation Training and 3).…
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CAPS Aviation's 135.331 Crewmember Emergency Online Training course covers all the requirements outlined in CFR 135.331 except for the hands-on Emergency Drill Training which may also be required, depending on your company's FAA Approved Training Program…
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This in-person training class is offered as an enhancement to the 135.331 Crewmember Emergency Online Training. Part 135 operators are required to create individual FAA approved training programs. Depending on your company’s FAA Approved Training Program, you may need both the 135.331 Crewmember Emergency Online Training and Emergency Drill Training to complete your requirements.…
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Background Since its introduction in 2002, over 500 Gulfstream G550 aircraft have been sold. During the certification process, the FAA asked Gulfstream to increase the size of their typical over-wing emergency elliptical exits. As an alternative, Gulfstream proposed to allow them to continue using the same elliptical windows in exchange for requiring…
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COVID-19 & Cancellation Policy

  • Students who are experiencing the following symptoms will not be permitted to take the course (Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, sneezing, etc.
  • All students will be required to have their temperature checked before entering the facility. If temperature is over 99.5 degrees, students will not be allowed access to the facility. If temperature restricts you from taking the course you may reschedule.
  • Students must wear a mask covering the nose and mouth throughout the entirety of the course. Masks may be removed while eating and drinking.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet or more will be required.
  • Students who refuse to have their temperature checked and/or refuse to comply with these guidelines will not be permitted to take the course.
  • If students need any reasonable accommodations, it is their responsibility to inform CAPS Aviation seven (7) business days prior to the course.

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