CAPS Mobile Training - FAR 135.331 Crewmember Emergency Training at Your Location

Since beginning our training programs in 1990, CAPS Aviation continues to serve the business aviation community by creating and delivering required annual aircrew FAR 135.331 training. Our professional instructors have developed a unique curriculum and teaching experience providing hundreds of courses to thousands of pilots, flight attendants, aircraft owners and frequent flyers in business aviation. CAPS courses provide cutting edge relevance and aviation education in a way that stands head and shoulders above any other training company in America.

In addition to offering the 135.331 course weekly in Van Nuys as in the past, CAPS Aviation now offers the option of bringing our courses directly to you.

FAA Training Requirements

FAR 135.331 outlines the annual training requirements for charter aircrews to maintain their FAA certification. In addition to classroom sessions, during the Initial Training and every two years after that, the regulations also require several hands-on labs for the training, which we provide in every course. That way, new aircrew and veterans always fulfill the necessary aspects of the training for compliance.

The practical training includes:

  • Ditching procedures, lifelines, liferafts (stowage, removal and actual deployment) along with life preservers and improvised flotation
  • Use of fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment
  • Reseating people for faster evacuations
  • Opening and using emergency exits
  • Crew and passenger oxygen systems

CAPS Mobility

As the aviation marketplace continues to evolve and expenses climb, CAPS Aviation now offers the same remarkable training that our customers expect, in a way that saves them both time and money. To better accomplish this savings, CAPS recently forged an alliance with the training and logistical experts from Emergency Response International (ERI). ERI specializes in mobile emergency training for aviators and founded their mobile training programs in 1996. ERI also serves multiple contracts with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the USCG, National Guard and Reserve military units, State Divisions of Aeronautics, State Departments of Natural Resources, Textron Aviation and countless Search & Rescue professionals all over the world.


The new CAPS “mobile” 135.331 course covers the same training and certification as those who attend the course at our Van Nuys facility. Additionally, if we use a Gulfstream G550 or earlier model during the evacuation training, this course will cover all the requirements of G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training (Document No. GVSP-GER-6111 and Supplement Number G550-OMS-1).

Benefits of CAPS Mobile Training

Bringing CAPS’ experienced trainers to your area provides the following direct and immediate benefits:

  • Mobile training clients save thousands of dollars in aircrew travel expenses alone
  • Reductions in staff travel; specifically, aircrew will no longer experience several days away from flight duties while traveling for training
  • The program allows scheduled training on a convenient date specifically for your organization, weekdays or weekends at no additional cost
  • Less time involved for your crews and key staff, only one eight-hour day
  • Pilots and cabin attendants will both receive certification in one eight-hour day
  • Improved CRM, with operational crews training together
  • Use of your own aircraft and equipment for more focused and realistic training


The minimum course fee is $9950 which covers from one to ten students, plus an additional $995 per person above ten. International (outside the U.S.) travel for the instructor team will require additional fees for travel expenses, etc.


The new “Mobile Course” serves FAR part 135 or 91 pilots, cabin servers, owners and frequent flyers. We also encourage you to invite other operators to participate in your training, especially if you need more participants. An ideal class size stands at 8 to 10 students. However, with enough interest, the mobile CAPS training team will teach back-to-back courses on consecutive or close to consecutive days, delivering even more cost savings per student.

Arranging the course

We can teach the course anywhere in the world. To find out more about the logistics involved and to schedule the training, please contact us directly at (818) 997-0512. CAPS and ERI specialize in accommodating your training needs and will work with you to put together the best program possible for your flight department.



COVID-19 & Cancellation Policy

  • Students who are experiencing the following symptoms will not be permitted to take the course (Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, sneezing, etc.
  • Due to current regulations, students will not be required to wear masks however they are strongly encouraged.
  • If students need any reasonable accommodations, it is their responsibility to inform CAPS Aviation seven (7) business days prior to the course.

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