Module 1 Course Objectives
Unit 1 Course Objectives
Unit 2 Student Objectives
Module 2 Introduction (Incomplete)
Unit 1 Module Objectives
Unit 2 Get Acquainted with CAPS Aviation (Incomplete)
Unit 3 Meet Your Instructors (Incomplete)
Module 3 Pre-Flight: Destination and Security Information
Unit 1 Corporate Aviator's Work Environment
Unit 2 U.S. Department of State Resources
Unit 3 Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
Unit 4 State Department OSAC
Unit 5 Non-Government Information Services
Unit 6 U.S. Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization
Unit 7 Hazardous Materials in Aviation
Unit 8 Passenger’s Reactions and Roles in Emergencies
Unit 9 Required Passenger Briefings
Unit 10 Crewmember Attitude and Coverage of Mandatory Briefing Materials
Unit 11 Crew Resource Management
Unit 12 Location and Operation of Emergency Equipment
Unit 13 Safety Equipment Specifics and their Location
Unit 14 Pilots’ Protective Breathing Equipment
Unit 15 Seat Belts
Unit 16 Personal Flotation Requirements
Unit 17 Life Rafts
Unit 18 All Aircraft Exits, Inside and Outside
Unit 19 Crash Axes